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Blaster Master

Blaster Master

Blaster Master
We at Blaster Master are offering quality mobile blast cleaning services on all types of boats.  We have over 30 years’ experience within the trade, and within all that time, we have built an enviable reputation for delivering a highly professional, powerful, specialised and fully insured mobile blast cleaning service.  Our services can be applied to a variety of different surfaces, from delicate to robust, inside or out.  Blast cleaning your boat is fast, effective and affordable, and it will restore its surfaces to their former glory.  Aswell as cleaning them, we can also prepare them for new coating which will be on time and to budget.  We are located in Plymouth and are able to work across the whole of the South West.

Blaster Master

Our friendly, approachable team throw themselves into every job showing the same veracity, skill and enthusiasm no matter if it is a small, one-off job to a large project.  We have the power, the knowledge and the flexibility to tailor equipment to suit the individual needs of each project, whether that being a blasting solution for a single wheel or for a viaduct.  No job is too big or too small to us!

Whatever the renovation, we guarantee that we can make it into your dreanm vehicle once again! Most materials benefit hugely from going back to a sound base.  There is no better preparation in our opinion than a blast cleaned surface, especially before an expensive quality coating is applied to it.  Preparation is more than just the removal of the old or loose coating and then slapping on a layer of any old coating material, and our diverse range of services reflect just that! Our services include the removal of paint, rust, mill scale, grime build up, marine growth and many other coatings as well as the exposure of aggregate in concrete.  After, we can then apply a protective coating for you including a Airless Paint Spray, and a Hot Metal Spray. 

Blaster Master

We specialise in G.R.P blast cleaning which is the removal of paints and anti-fouling from G.R.P (glass fibre), and Marine blast cleaning.  The right choice of equipment, nozzle, hoses, pressure and medium (fine/soft abrasive, soda, wet or dry) are all essential in creating the best outcomes.  If your boat has an osmosis problem, then we can crank up the pressure, change the abrasive and expose the blistering to assist in drying out the hull of your boat.  Our team of experts also work on: Steel, wood and Ferro yachts, cast iron keels, trailers and other external/internal fittings.

If you are in a Yacht Club then talk to us for a club discount!

We understand more than most the need for protective coatings and finishings to give your vechicle the longest life possible, which is why we pride ourselves on our product preparation and the use of appropriate protective coatings such as ‘high build’ and epoxy.  We can apply the thickest of protective coating with our largest airless spray (up to 7000 psi) which can coat large areas in just a few hours and can complete projects very quickly and to the clients requirements.  You can get over twenty years worth of protection when applying a long lasting galvanised type coating (Gas heated molten zinc or aluminium is fired at high pressure onto freshly blasted steel).

Blaster Master

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us for further information on any of our services - we would love to hear from you!

Call us today on either: 01752 863 200 / 07970 024 132
Email us on:
Visit our website:

Company:Blaster Master
Wembury Road
Contact:Alan Marsh
Telephone:01752 863 200 / 07970 024 132
Blaster Master
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Blaster Master

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