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Choosing a Marina or Boat Mooring

Choosing a Marina or Boat Mooring

Dry stack - boat mooring 
Choosing a Marina is yet another important decision to take, and one which should be reviewed relatively regularly.  Ensuring your marina has the proper facilities so that your boat will be well cared for as well as having as little impact on the surrounding environment.  To put your mind at ease, you need to make sure you are placing your boat in a safe marina manned by competent professionals.

Location is important.  The distance you need to travel to your mooring is crucial.
It will effect the amount of fuel you use to get to your boat, and most importantly, the amount of time you have available to actually get out on the water.  If you live in London, mooring your vessel in Dorset might not be the sensible option!

Good facilities are going to be your next check.  An engineer on site will be helpful so that maintenance and repairs can be carried out whenever necessary.  Showers and personal facilities are less obviously equally important, and electricity to your mooring will be very helpful.  Ask about boat maintenance facilities.  Ideally, an on site facility can be used to perform repairs and maintenance on your vessel.  Safety should also be a consideration when picking a marina.  Fire extinguishers should be available and emergency numbers should be posted.  Ask about the rules and regulations for each marina.  Each marina may have different rules of conduct and restrictions about working on your boat.  Do also check the security of your chosen marina - if it is in a nice area, and well maintained with security surveillance cameras and so on then of course your boat will be in the safest possible hands when you are not able to be there. 

Facilities you may want to consider at your marina / mooring may include :

  • Engineer on or near your marina or mooring
  • Hard standing
  • Valeting / Anti-fouling
  • Showers, Toilets
  • Electricity to moorings and pontoons
  • Water on pontoons and quay side
  • 24 hour staffing / security
  • Free car parking available at your marina.
  • Wireless broadband is available at the marina

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