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H P Hydraulics Ltd

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H P Hydraulics Ltd

H P Hydraulics Ltd
Founded over 30 years ago, we at H P Hydraulics Ltd are specialists in hydraulic manufacturing, hydraulic cylinder design and repairs.  We are unrivalled in hydraulics! We provide a service that very few others in the industry can match.  Our CNC machine shop is capable of handling any size of batch work to suit your individual requirements.  Systems designed are overhauled, and we also supply pumps motors and other equipment.

H P Hydraulics Ltd

Our team of engineers are very professional and have many years of experience on hydraulics and come highly skilled.  We have site engineers and mobile hose engineers as well.  We offer our services to a range of different industries, including a lot of the marinas.  We have repaired existing cylinders on several Royal Navy ships suited to match their individual specific requirements.  We have also supplied specialist materials such as a non-magnetic bronze and the service and repair work on boat hoist equipment and dock gates in marinas.  We pride ourselves on building an excellent reputation within the industry and are a major part of it across the south coast. 

H P Hydraulics Ltd

Our Services Include:

• Hydraulic cylinder design and repair - We repair and design cylinders from 32mm bore to 400mm bore and up to 8 metres in length, creating both individual cylinders to complete hydraulic systems. 

• Commercial vehicle repair - On-site, we have tipper repair engineers, who can repair or service your equipment both on or off site which ever suits you best. 

• Wheel crushers - Our splitter machine has been designed to deal with the disposal of all car wheels and tyres at the scrapyard.

• Marine & Hose - Need an autopilot fitting or piping up of marine steering systems? Well here we carry out hydraulic marine repairs to an escellent high standard. 

H P Hydraulics Ltd

We have high quality facilities and equiptment in our large workshop.  We have a 5 ton overhead gantry crane which helps us to move the largest of cylinders and removal of equipment from vehicles.  We provide commercial tipper repairs and servicing both off-site and on-site. 

We are stockists of seals, so look no further if you need them fast.  We hold a large selection of seals and can source any make rapidly.  We are also suppliers of pumps.  We can supply a large range of pumps; Vickers, Sunstrand, Yuken, Ultra, Bosch, Cassapa, Sunfab, plus other makes which can be sourced quickly and at competitive prices.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us for more information, we are here to help with any queries that you may have. 

Please call us on 01329 828 877
Visit our Website:

Or come and talk to us on our social media pages and check out our latest deals and daily activities.

Twitter: /WorkshopHP

Company:H P Hydraulics Ltd
Address:Unit 2 Davis Way
Newgate Lane Industrial Estate
PO14 1JF
Contact:Denise House
Telephone:01329 828 877 / 07802 774 205
H P Hydraulics Ltd
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Area scope:hampshire
Related words:boat accessories, parts & equipment (general), boat, yacht, dinghy, rib, narrowboat, boat engines, engineering and engine parts (marine), Hydraulic Cylinder, Manufacture and repair of hydraulic cylinders, HP Hydraulics offer a service that few others in the industry can match., Marine Hose, Mobile Hose servicing / fitting to your requirements and are responsible for the servicing and repair of boat hoist equipment and dock gates.
H P Hydraulics Ltd


Hydraulic Cylinder
Price (£):   Call for Details
Date:   10 Aug 2016, 11:41

Marine Hose
Price (£):   Call for Details
Date:   10 Aug 2016, 11:40

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