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Power Boating vs Motor Boats & Cruisers

Power Boating vs Motor Boats & Cruisers

Some sailors find sailing becomes a tad too comfortable - leisurely and enjoyable, but without the adrenaline rush of something somewhat more extreme.  Powerboating offers a different experience altogether, offering speed, thrills and
the possibility of controlling a powerful engine.  A motorized boat will have a high power to weight ratio, and a hull which is specifically designed for planing to allow good speed and manageable handling.  Motorboats and powerboats differ in their power, with motorboats tending to be slightly more leisurely, while powerboating is for those with a need for speed and, or, an interest in watersports, be it racing, water skiing or wakeboarding.

Powerboats can be RIBS, rigid inflatable boats with inflatable buoyancy chambers, or sports boats, often powered by an outboard engine.  They are small and do not usually have accommodation, as they are intended for short, fast trips, not family holidays!

Power boating, like any speed related sport, is best started under supervision, and like many watersports, there are clubs you can join to teach you the basics, long before you decide to make the ultimate investment and purchase your first boat.  The RYA (Royal Yachting Association) have an informative website where you can find out more.

For power boat companies click here.

Power Boats vs Motror Cruisers

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