Le Tonkinois Varnish
We at Le Tonkinois are providing high quality vanishes for boats and much more!
Our lead product ‘Le Tonkinois Varnish’ is a natural oil based yacht/boat varnish that uses an ancient Chinese formula which dates back two or three centuries ago. And my god, what a formula! It has so many benefits such as: it will remove your brush-marks, bring out the natural beauty of the wood, it will never crack or flake off, and it is permanent! – All you will have to do to reep these benefits is to simply add a further coat every few years.

We also have on offer quality Flexidisc sander / grinders. It will give your vehicle a superb finish and it can be used on wood, metal, fibreglass and all other hard materials. It has fast rotation speed achieves which in turn creates sensational results in a fraction of the time it would normally have taken by conventional sanders. We must also mention that it can sharpen other items and vehicles such as: car bodies, chisels, plane blades, lathe tools, axes and garden tools without the rapid overheating of normal abrasive wheels – what can we say, its the perfect versatile tool!

Also we are offering FREE Eberspacher advice and services. You may be asking yourself why we are offering free independent DIY help on Eberspacher and Espar heaters well during our Le Tonkinois Varnish and Flexidisk Sander demonstrations at certain boat shows, we became aware that many Eberspacher owners didn’t have the knowledge to service and repair their heaters. Well worry no more as we are offering a repair and DIY service, a fault finding and fault codes service, and we are also offering general Eberspacher information and buying advice.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us for further information on any of our services or products – we would love to hear from you!

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81 Northumbria Road, Cox Green, Maidenhead, Berkshire. SL6 3DQ