SML Marine Paints

SML Marine Paints are one of the largest distributors of Jotun Marine Paints in the UK. We pride ourselves on offering the same level of service and discounts on every order – not just the ones for big projects.  Our comprehensive website offers everything you could need to paint your boat but we are also happy to speak to customers about their project and can advise on the best paint system depending on cost, their experience and time factors.

SML Marine Paints also supply a range of primers and topcoats formulated by us for leisure users wanting professional results. We can’t all be experts at everything so sometimes we need a little help. Here at SML Marine Paints we do know paint and, having listened to our leisure customers, have created a range of paints that are easy to apply for the best results but without using expensive spray equipment.

Shield and Lustre paints are professional quality, come in 2.5 litre and 1 litre size options and are specially formulated for application by brush and roller.

Our website also has some useful tools to calculate how much paint you will need. You can calculate area by boat type or by physical area.

SML’S Boat Restoration Project

In June 2018 SML bought a boat, the aim – to restore it and in the process learn what our customers have to go through in terms of planning, preparation and paint application. Read how we are getting on…