You don’t have to be a millionaire with time to spare to to get out on the water, and the experience of sailing is one which seems to appeal across the spectrum, and why wouldn’t it?

Whether close to home or the sparkling turquoise waters of the Med, Yachting & sailing offers so much to both the experienced sailors and novices striving to learn the ropes to the reach the heady heights of ‘competent crew’.

Sailing is also a very social activity which develops friendship and reliance on your crew-mates. You don’t have to own a boat, many sailors now enjoy the sport as part of a team, or on chartered boats with friends to share costs.

The sport of Yachting & Sailing in one form or another dates back for over 200 years, older than tennis or football. Traditions have therefore evolved to include a fair amount of ceremony and respect as a matter of necessity as well as pride in the sport!

Sailing is a serious fun & skilled sport which offers challenge & excitment at all levels, to benefit most from these, sound understanding & good training brings big rewards at all levels, enhancing enjoyment & promoting safety.

Seafaring is very much in the British culture, the sport of Sailing & Yachting very much touches into that heritage and, transcends our history to a modern day life experience. Enjoying with respect the power of the wind, the sea, the tides & natural elements.

Editorial supplied by Safeena Sailing

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