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We at Offshore Supply are proud to be industry leading boat chandlers of marine supplies for boats, yachts and the whole offshore industry – we really are the experts! We are exceptionally diverse in nature as we cover a huge range of quality products such as cleaning chemicals such as: Unitor marine products, Hadex, Nalfleet and Gamazyme products. We also stock a variety of marine paints, safety equipment, pest control measures and an assortment of more ‘domestic’ considerations as well.

Hadex Food grade drinking water disinfectant is the market leading disinfectant for the maritime and offshore industry, and we are the sole UK Approved Distributor. Hadex is a safe, effective and easily applied product. It is easily stored and lasts a long time – if stored in normal conditions it lasts at least 18 months, if stored below 6deg C, at least 3 years. Hadex food grade drinking water disinfectant also disinfects pipelines, tanks and all other waterfed equipment saving you time and keeping your crew healthy.

Spray Stop Tape otherwise known as Anti-splash Tape is a strong adhesive tape used in engine rooms for preventing the outbreak of a fire caused by a splash of combustible oil, such as fuel oil, lubricating oil, etc. from oil pipes connected to an engine or a generator in a engine room.

Unitor Gamazyme BTC Biological Toilet Cleaner effectively cleans the toilets and doses millions of selected safe bacteria into the sanitary system. These powerful specialised bacteria colonise the organic waste lining the pipe system and remove the organic deposit. On draining to the sewage treatment plant, the bacteria will enhance the biological activity, reducing solids and odours. Grease, fats, starch and other organic compounds are digested by Gamazyme BTC.

We are experts in marine chandlery, providing a comprehensive service that caters for even the most precise of specifications. No matter what sort of marine supplies you are looking for, we will always be able to help via our services as boat chandlers. Whether you are looking for galley supplies, Shell marine products or marine supplies such as engine spares, we will be able to provide it, and at highly competitive prices.

We are able to deliver our quality marine chandlery and boat chandlers services to all UK ports and to just about any location around the world, so no matter where you are based, you can rest assured that we will be able to reach you.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us for further information on any of our services – we would love to hear from you! Or you can visit our website for full details of our products.

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