Seaswan Commercial Ltd
We at Seaswan Commercial Ltd are an experienced and trusted company who provide outstanding custom covers and protective accessories for the marine industry. We manufacturer a range of bespoke protective covers and bags for a variety of instruments like RIB & Dinghy covers to engine covers.

Within the marine industry, we are considered one of the best companies for designing and manufacturing covers for all inflatable boats and rigid inflatable boats (RIB’s) from yacht tenders to a large commercial craft. These covers can be custom made to your individual needs and requirements. You can choose from a range of fabrics, colours and detailing – we have an extensive library of technical patterns for you to look through. We can normally make the items based on the accurate measurements you give us so we rarely have to make a site visit to the boat, however we will do if you require us to.

Our full list of products we create includes:

  • Dinghy & RIB Covers
  • Propeller Covers
  • Full Engine Covers
  • Engine Head Covers
  • Engine Carry Bags

We supply a comprehensive selection of covers to suit inflatable dinghies and RIB’s that range from 2 metres up to 10 metres. The covers can fit multiple internal craft layouts they offer excellent rain water run off and they can accommodate lighting frames where required. Each of our covers are manufactured in a quality, waterproof, UV stable Polyester fabric which is lightweight enough to fit easily and stow away in a stowage bag which is provided. Our covers are very bespoke and made to order – we have a ‘Cover Calculator’ on our website so you can select the best type of cover for you!

We have a selection of covers to accommodate the engine of your dinghy or RIB such as: Full covers, Head Covers and Engine Carry Bags. The engine is the most important part of your boat and so protecting it is a must! The covers are produced in waterproof, weather resistant polyester fabric which can cover the full length of it or just the top of it. These covers provide added protection from water and UV damage to the external surfaces and the internal components. These also help to keep the engine clean and free from scuffs and scratches. The carry bags are designed to carry, stow and protect the engine wherever you go. They make it easy for you to transport it anywhere whilst keeping it dry and clean.

These covers are designed to keep both yourself and your boat safe whilst on the road. They are high-visibility covers – they are made with high-vis bright orange ripstop fabric, with a padded rear facing disc with internal lining for abrasion resistance and propeller protection and each have a red warning triangle on the front. They provide the ulitmate visibility when trailering your boat. They are available in 4 sizes.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us for further information on any of our products – we would love to hear from you!