Castle Marine have specialised in the boat propeller repair business for over 28 years and are leders in the reconditioning of Propellers, Commercial Jet Drive Impellers , Gearbox Skegs, and Cavitation Plates, this includes thruster and R.O.V. propellers.

At Castle Marine Propeller repairs are our business – Our knowledgeable and expert Team of staff are on hand to provide you with help or advice on your propeller query, whether very general or technical we can help.

We can repair damage to the Skeg, Anti-Ventilation Plate, Exhaust Sealing Ring, and in most cases the bullet. Once a repair has been carried out by us you would never know it was ever broken. As part of our repair the complete gearbox is refinished.

We can repair all propellers aluminium, stainless or bronze and repairing a propeller or impeller can save you 60 % to 75% of the cost of replacement.

We supply new propellers for outboards, outdrives and sail boats etc. We can also repair your gearbox which can save you up to 80% on the cost of replacing the gearbox casing.

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